Ask Your Smart Speaker

Smart Healthcare just got Smarter.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home have a new skill – instant answers to questions about UCFS Healthcare.

Get Started

Try it yourself at home or use one of the smart speakers we have conveniently placed in the main entrance of our Health Centers.
It all gets much smarter when you say “talk to UCFS Healthcare.”

1. Talk to UCFS Healthcare

Simply ask your device to “talk to UCFS Healthcare,” and your smart speaker is instantly ready to answer questions you may have about UCFS.

2. Ask your next question

Now you can talk to UCFS Healthcare. Ask questions to learn more about our Health Center locations, services, business hours, insurance plans and so much more!

Things You Can Say

Here are some examples of questions you can ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home about UCFS Healthcare.
First, be sure to say, “(Alexa/OK Google), talk to UCFS Healthcare.”

"What is UCFS's number?"
"What are the UCFS Healthcare locations?"
"How do I make an appointment at UCFS Healthcare?"
"Who can use UCFS's services?"
"What insurance does UCFS take?"
"What should I bring to my first UCFS appointment?"
"Where can I find available jobs at UCFS?"
"How can I donate to UCFS Healthcare?"
"What is UCFS Eldercare?"