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At UCFS Healthcare, you’ll find a career where you know you’re making a positive impact on our community each day. For more than 145 years, we have helped connect residents with essential health care services. By joining our team of experienced professionals, you’ll join that legacy.

You can help eliminate health disparities and improve access to health care in Eastern Connecticut.

You can enjoy a flexible work environment and advancement opportunities.

You can enjoy patient-focused environments, competitive benefits, and truly meaningful work.

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UCFS offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to our full-time and part-time employees to support the health and well-being of our employees and their families.

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UCFS internships offer the challenging and rewarding opportunity to support our staff clinicians, allowing you to gain valuable work experience.

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UCFS strives to provide career growth opportunities that align with your personal and
professional goals and aspirations.

Culture of Learning
UCFS fosters a culture of learning for our employees. We encourage you to seek out
innovative methods to increase your knowledge and skills through online courses, mobile
apps, certifications, and virtual and in person education on a variety of topics for CME and

Ask and Listen
Supervisors listen with attention and intention and are encouraged to ask, what skills are
you looking to develop and how can I help you grow? These two questions allow
Supervisors to assist you with a professional and personal growth plan within UCFS

Mentor Program
UCFS thrives based on the diversity of identities, expertise and experience of our
employees. The Mentorship Program at UCFS Healthcare provides mentees with one-on-
one guidance, advice and feedback from mentors who can help you plan for and achieve
your professional growth goals.

UCFS Leadership Training Academy-(Foster, Growth, Support)
A program that trains that trains the future leaders of UCFS on a variety of topics including,
communication, leadership, finance, conflict resolution, motivating your team and much

Financial Growth
UCFS is committed to paying our employees competitive wages. At UCFS your
compensation increases as your career advances through our professional growth

UCFS offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to our full-time and part-time
employees to support the health and well-being of you and your families. Please feel free to
contact a member of our Human Resources Team for more information.

Medical Insurance
We offer several excellent plan options including POS, HMO and high deductible plans so you
can find the plan that best meets your needs. Premium subsidy amounts vary by plan.

Voluntary Benefits
You may purchase a variety of voluntary benefits through payroll deduction.


  • Dental Insurance: Multiple plans offer you the greatest flexibility of care covering
    preventative, restorative and major dental needs.
  • Vision Insurance: Vision coverage offers excellent coverage for vision exams and discounts
    on frames, lenses and contacts
  • Other Voluntary Plans: short term disability, voluntary life insurance, critical illness, accident
    and legal coverage for employees and family members.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
You may establish a Flexible Spending Account for to pay for eligible health and dependent
care expenses with tax free dollars.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
Allows participants enrolled in a high deductible medical plan to defer tax free dollars to pay for
out-of-pocket eligible medical costs.

401(k) Plan
Eligible employees may join the 401(K) plan at anytime during their employment by electing to
make pre-tax or Roth contributions to the plan through salary deferral. After 1 full year of
service, eligible employees will receive an employer contribution of up to 6% of their salary,
whether or not the employee is contributing to the plan.

Company-Paid Life Insurance & Long-Term Disability
Employees are insured for a benefit of one times their base annual salary and eligible the 1st of
the month following employee’s one year anniversary. Employees must work at least 20 hours.
Employees may receive up to 60% of base annual salary if they are unable to work for more
than 90 days. Employees who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible the 1st of the month
following their one year anniversary.


Loan Repayment
Eligible licensed medical, dental and behavioral health providers working in our outpatient
practices can apply for loan repayment of up to $75,000 under the National Health Service
Corps (NHSC) programs.

Paid Time Off
UCFS offers generous paid time off including vacation, floating holidays, sick, and personal time
along with paid holidays

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
UCFS recognizes that employees and/or their families may encounter personal problems. UCFS
provides confidential, short-term counseling and referral services through an EAP program.
There is no cost for this program that is strictly confidential and is designed to safeguard your
privacy and rights.

This is a summary of benefits offered only. There may be waiting periods applicable to you
before you are eligible for certain benefits. Benefits may vary based on position. Please note
that benefits may be changed or discontinued at any time, at the discretion of UCFS. Please
refer to plan documents for full information.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in our mission, which is to eliminate health
disparities and improve the health and well-being of the community. As a Federally
Qualified Health Center, UCFS provides care for the medically underserved populations in
eastern CT, regardless of the person’s ability to pay with a focus on low-income and
medically disenfranchised populations. As such, the care we provide often addresses
populations in which health disparities based on race or ethnicity are well documented.

A focus of our strategic plan is to accelerate our ongoing work in diversity, equity, and
inclusion to reduce disparities in healthcare access, quality, and outcomes and to
transform our organization. To that end, the UCFS Board of Directors established the
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) to promote this work throughout our
organization with a specific focus on the lived experiences of historically underrepresented
patients and staff in our organization.

The voices of historically marginalized and underrepresented clients and patients are too
often neglected and unheard. As we transform our organization, UCFS endeavors to
amplify those voices and experiences so that we can appropriately address inequities in
health services as well as among our healthcare profession.

When the organization now known as UCFS Healthcare was first founded in 1877, it was
created on the premise that every society has some individuals who require help or
assistance. In 1877, that group was orphaned children so our founders established an
orphanage to provide them with shelter and security.

Over the years, society has evolved and our community has changed, but one constant that
remains is that there will always be those among us who need some assistance. UCFS has
witnessed this rhythm of change multiple times in our history. As a result we are an
organization designed to change, adjust and meet the needs of our shifting community.
Our success is a direct result of the care and dedication of our employees.

We invite you to embrace the mission and vision of UCFS and bring your purpose to a team
of 400+ employees who strive to make a difference in the lives of our patients and
community each day. You will find belonging in an organization that celebrates diversity,
encourages growth and empowers you to be creative, innovative, curious, and explore the

UCFS Healthcare strives to eliminate health disparities and improve the
health and well-being of the community.

UCFS Healthcare by performance, reputation and partnership, will be Eastern CT’s best choice for patient-centered health care.

UCFS Healthcare promotes a culture that supports our team members’ well-being by
offering programs which encourage work, life , balance. Some of these programs are listed

Your Day Your Way/Guided Autonomy
We understand that balancing work and family can sometimes be challenging. This
program allows you to work with your supervisors to develop a schedule that provides for
both our patients’ needs and our your desired work schedule. This may not be feasible for
all employees based on operational needs, so ask about scheduled hours during your

Hybrid/Remote Work Options
We support remote and hybrid work options which make it easier for our employees to
balance work, life and family commitments. This may not be feasible for all employees
based on operational needs, so ask about remote or hybrid options during your interview.

It Can Wait
We believe that time off from work should be just that … time off from work. UCFS has
adopted the It Can Wait philosophy in which we do not expect you to respond to
non-urgent email after hours. There may be times when urgent emails or phones calls will
have to be answered after hours but this will not be common practice.

The Rosalyn Allen Food Pantry at UCFS Healthcare
The Rosalyn Allen Food Pantry opened in February 2017 with the goal of eliminating food
insecurity often experienced by our clients. The food pantry assists individuals and families who
are experiencing food insecurity. You can make a difference by donating food to our food pantry
or by taking time to make food bags that are distributed to members of our community.

ABC+T (Ashley’s Binder Closet plus toiletries)
Ashley’s Binder Closet opened in June 2022 to support and help save the lives LGBTQ+ individuals
who may be homeless, living in poverty, or experiencing despair and sadness due to not being
able to be their true selves. You can make a difference by donating or volunteering to stock this
closet with much needed personal items.

Caring in Action. Giving Redefined
UCFS has created an opportunity for you to become part of the solution and have a voice in where
your dollars are invested – Caring in Action Giving Redefined. The idea is simple: Agree to commit
to giving $200/ twice a year. The more members who participate, the larger the impact the
collective members will have on improving the health of our community.

You Pick Where You Make A Difference
Staff have the opportunity to join community or civic groups that have special meaning for them.
Rotary Club, Lions Club, NAACP, are among the organizations in which UCFS staff participate on
behalf of our agency. Approval must be obtained by the HR Department prior to volunteering
during work hours.