Who We Are

The UCFS Program for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders is a leader in confronting the challenges of autism and other developmental conditions through its training and service programs.

What makes us unique is our interdisciplinary team approach. Our team consists of highly trained and respected specialists in medicine, psychology and social work. Our team works closely with you and your child to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to assessment, treatment and consultation.

Comprehensive Assessments

Individuals with autism experience impairments across a range of developmental domains, all of which must be addressed in order to develop a successful treatment plan. Careful attention is paid to social, communicative, cognitive, adaptive, affective and behavioral lines of development. Team members meet with parents prior to each evaluation and build the story of each child. Then the entire team meets to review each child’s history and plan an individualized, effective assessment strategy, including:

  • Diagnostic Assessment that includes the use of specialized instruments.
  • Psychological Testing including intelligence testing, achievement testing and assessment of adaptive functioning. (On hold at this time due to the pandemic; evaluation will include future testing recommendations as applicable.)
  • Specialized Assessments of related conditions such as tic and movement disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Our Services

The UCFS Program for Autism offers a range of  health, educational and outpatient behavioral services in one location for individuals with autism and other developmental concerns including:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions
  • Social skills and communication
  • Social learning groups
  • Multi-family groups
  • Parent Groups
  • Psychopharmacology (medication)

Professionals from different disciplines strive to deliver family-centered care that is comprehensive and coordinated. **Services are currently being conducted via telehealth at this time concurrently with treatment. 

How to make an appointment

Call 860-822-4793 to speak with an intake specialist. They will collect information to meet your child’s needs for diagnostic, assessment and/or treatment services. 

**Please be advised that wait times will vary. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please note for a behavioral health crisis  (ages 0 to 18) you may contact MCIS-211. For any emergencies, please dial 911.

Insurance info

Most insurance is accepted. We also offer a sliding fee scale.