Draw Station Services

UCFS provides draw station services for our clients through East Side Clinical Laboratory. East Side Labs will fulfill all of your draw station needs, they are conveniently located next door to The Edward & Mary Lord Family Health Center.

About East Side lab:

East Side Clinical Laboratory is a full service laboratory founded in 1949 and based in Rhode Island. East Side is the largest independent laboratory in New England, who has proudly served the communities throughout RI, CT and MA for over 70 years. East Side Lab is part of Sonic Healthcare, which is the 3rd largest laboratory in the United States and the largest laboratory globally.

East Side Lab is a medically driven company who prides itself on its superior medical leadership. We have state of the art equipment, information systems and a variety of reporting options. All testing is completed accurately and in the most expeditious time frame possible with results delivered to our clients and patients in an efficient and timely manner.

Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of quality while providing everyone we serve with unsurpassed personalized service. Due to this, East Side Lab has created a reputation of excellence and integrity. As a proud member of the UCFS community, we look forward to seeing you at East Side Labs in Norwich the next time you require lab services.

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East Side Lab Draw Station Hours:

Monday- Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm