The Geriatric Assessment and Management Program provides a full evaluation of complex physical, psychosocial, functional and medical-related problems. Guidance is offered to family members, clients and a full consultative report is given to the primary care physician. Services provided include physical exams, functional assessment, psychosocial assessment, medication review, nutritional assessment, diagnostic testing and lab work as needed. Referrals are made for community resources. Individuals are scheduled for a revisit to check on status every six months.

How to make an appointment

Please call 860-892-7042 ext. 1411.

What to bring for your first visit

  • List of current medication
  • Completed Geriatric Assessment & Management Informational pack (this is mailed to your home after the appointment is scheduled.)
  • List of questions and concerns
  • Any other information you feel is pertinent to the visit

Insurance info

Insurance plans vary, but many plans will cover this assessment including Medicare and Medicaid. Please ask for clarification when you make your appointment.

Learn more by reviewing our UCFS Medicare Coverage information.