Internships/Externships/Medical Student Rotations

Behavioral Health Interns at United Community and Family Services can expect exposure to and involvement in/with the day to day operational functioning of the agency in its entirety – The Process begins with an orientation to the site and the documentation requirements. Interns are assigned to “shadow” staff clinicians during the intake process for a period of time, and then will gradually begin to build a caseload of their own. We offer individual, couples, family and group therapy, and interns have the ability to work in all of these.

The intern experience here is valuable in many ways; interns have access to the senior staff clinicians during team meetings and become a part of the dialogue, formulating case hypothesis, increasing familiarity with the DSM-IV language and usage, preparing referrals for psychiatric evaluations, learning about psychotropic medications, case management and collaborative approach to systemic behavioral health treatment.  The Staff is comprised of LADC, LMFT, LCSW and LPC, so the collegial environment is multi-faceted, diverse, and the learning atmosphere benefits from the multi-disciplinary input of the staff.

The UCFS intern experience has proven a challenging and rewarding opportunity for many and we hope will choose to apply for the opportunity.

Externships are offered for Dental Assistants and Medical Assistants! Receive hands-on training with experienced staff in your field to meet the clinical requirements for your school.

Medical School Rotations for MDs/DOs/NPs/PAs are offered in the fields of Adult Medicine, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics.