Daily COVID-19 Testing – no appointment necessary 


The Edward & Mary Lord Family Health Center – 47 Town Street, Norwich

9 am – 11 am

**Testing conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday  

Griswold Health Center – 226 East Main Street , Griswold

9 am – 11 am

**Testing conducted on Tuesday and Thursday

Testing is based on a first come first serve basis.  Testing may conclude earlier than advertised  based on supplies and resources.

  • Everyone in vehicle must wear a mask
  • Please limit talking with the COVID -19 tester
  • Please keep window rolled up until instructed to roll down

**Please note testing days have changed effective March 1. 

Getting Your Results

UCFS Healthcare will only call you if you have a POSITIVE  COVID-19 result. Patients can sign up for COVID-19 test  results by visiting the East Side website by clicking the ‘SonicMyAccess’.

COVID-19 Vaccine


Vaccine Eligibility

As of April 1, 2021, the State of CT has authorized individuals 16 years of age and older to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

**Please note that the vaccine UCFS Healthcare uses (Moderna) has only been approved for 18 years and older.**

If you are not eligible for the vaccine at this time but are a UCFS patient, please sign up for MyChart to receive a notification via MyChart for when you are eligible to schedule your vaccine. To sign up for MyChart, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Please request an activation code from Fill in the form and submit.
  2. To complete sign-up, UCFS Healthcare will give you an activation code or link by text, email or on your printed After Visit Summary.

Once you receive the link, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the unique link (this link expires in 60 days) to MyChart.
  2. Create a username, password and fill in your information.
  3. Success! You have created your MyChart account.
  4. You can now access MyChart from your personal computer or mobile device.

Scheduling a Vaccine Appointment

To schedule a vaccine, please call 860-822-2874.

Vaccination Locations

The Edward & Mary Lord Family Health Center  – 47 Town Street, Norwich

Griswold Health Center  – 226 East Main Street, Griswold

Plainfield Health Center –  120-122 Plainfield Road, Moosup


Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

UCFS Healthcare is offering Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics at the high schools listed below.

All clinics are open to students 16 years and older, faculty and family members of the those schools.

For consent paperwork, please click here.  

All 16 and 17 year olds must have a signed consent form from their guardian.

Please call 860-822-2803 for any questions you may have.


COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Dates



First Dose

Second Dose

Norwich Free Academy

9 am – 12 pm



Montville High School

9 am – 12 pm



Waterford High School

9 am – 12 pm



Norwich Technical High School

9 am – 12 pm



Griswold High School

9 am – 12 pm



Norwich Health Center                                                

47 Town Street, Norwich

No appointment necessary, first come,  first serve until vaccines are gone.

8:30 am – 12 pm






Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

As of March 19, 2021, the State of CT has authorized direct health care workers, emergency workers, nursing home residents and staff, residents and staff of congregate settings, educators and child care providers  and individuals 45 years of age and older to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.   If you are not in this category but are a UCFS patient, please sign up for MyChart to receive a notification via MyChart for when you are eligible to schedule your vaccine.

Which vaccine does UCFS offer and what age is this vaccine approved for?

UCFS offers the Moderna Vaccine under the Emergency Use Authorization Order. We do NOT have Pfizer vaccine to offer. Individuals must be 18 to receive Moderna Vaccine. Even if an individual under 18 presents with a VAMS appointment stating they received their first dose somewhere else UCFS WILL NOT Vaccinate them since Moderna is not approved for under 18 year olds.

Where do I schedule my second dose?

UCFS strongly recommends that you receive your first and second dose at the same location.  Second doses are automatically shipped to the location that you received your first dose so if you go somewhere else “your” dose will not be at that location and you risk either being turned away or taking someone  else’s dose. At UCFS, after your first dose you should leave with a second dose appointment.

How long does the vaccination process take?

Please be prepared to spend at least 30-45 minutes during the vaccination process. If you have a history of allergic reactions to vaccinations, you may be required to stay longer.

Is there a cost to the vaccine? 

UCFS receives the vaccine itself free of charge from the federal and state government so you are not charged for the cost of vaccine. If you have health insurance UCFS, may bill your health insurance for the cost of the administration of vaccine (staff time, supplies etc.). If you have health insurance and UCFS bills, the vaccine is offered at no extra cost to you and you will not be billed  for anything your insurance does not pay.

What should I bring to my vaccine appointment?

Please come to your vaccine appointment alone unless you require language, mobility, hearing or visual assistance or you have a guardian or conservator to sign consent. Please limit assistance to one person. Please bring your health insurance card if you have insurance as well as some sort of identification such as a driver’s license, military ID etc. Masks are required and must be worn at all times.