Caring in Action. Giving Redefined.

Caring In Action. Giving Redefined.

For decades, our community has asked how they can have the greatest impact on the health and well-being of their friends and neighbors. You wanted fewer galas and more opportunities to be involved in making a meaningful impact in the community, knowing that your donations are directed to the programs in need.

UCFS has created an opportunity for you to become part of the solution and have a voice in where your dollars are invested – Caring in Action. Giving Redefined.

The idea is simple:

  • Agree to commit to giving $200/ twice a year.
  • Attend two gatherings each year where you will have a voice in deciding where your donation will be directed to make the most impact along with the other members of Caring in Action Giving Redefined.  
  • The more members who participate, the larger the impact the collective members will have on improving the health of our community.

At these bi-annual gatherings you will hear presentations from four programs under the UCFS umbrella of services. Those in attendance will select one of the programs (review project summaries) to receive the collective funds of the group that evening. You become part of deciding where the funds of the collective members are directed and you will receive an update at the following meeting about how those funds were put to use to help the vulnerable and less fortunate in our community to achieve better health and overall well-being.

It’s that simple, direct, impactful.

Enrolling in Caring in Action. Giving Redefined is easy — simply complete the membership form/bylaws and include your $200 donation.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Pam Kinder at

Thank you to the following members for helping to make a real difference in our community through the power of combined giving.

  • Anonymous
  • Carl & Bonnie Banks
  • Chelsea Groton Bank
  • Leo & Christina Chupaska
  • CorePlus Credit Union
  • Jan Davis
  • Bill & Abby Dolliver
  • Melissa Banks
  • Lloyd & Deberey Hinchey
  • Jennifer Granger
  • Chris & Pam Kinder
  • Tom & Sharon Laliberte
  • Kathryn Lord
  • Theodore Phillips, II
  • Robinson + Cole
  • Dan & Mary Ellen Spellman
  • Andrea Sullivan
  • Jeff & Cara Westcott
  • WR Allen Companies